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Welcome to West Linn Pest Control and Extermination Services. We are happy to serve the West Linn area for all of their rodent, insect, and small mammal trapping needs. Below you will find a more detailed description of the various services we professionalize in. Call us today!

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Flea spray for yard comes in a number of different formulations to meet various needs. If you have outdoor pets such as dogs, cats or other rodents that roam free and then come back every morning to use your carpeted house, they will be seeking out the flea spray for yard which works well for dogs because it kills fleas and reduces itchiness as well. The flea spraying method is an effective way to protect the home from fleas that can cause an unpleasant rash and even allergies when exposed to them. Not only does the flea spray to kill the fleas, but also repels most other fleas from coming into contact with your pet.

While you can buy a flea collar from the store, this type of effective flea control is usually only for larger pets such as cats or dogs. For pets such as these, the bites are more painful and may take up to several weeks before the flea swells and dies, leaving behind a small amount of flea feces. Even for these types of animals, it may take longer to rid the dog of the flea infestation, as their body is larger than that of a cat or a smaller dog. In the case of dogs, the flea spray for yard should be used for them since their bark may still attract other pets to the area where the spray is applied. The chemical properties of the spray should deter larger and flying fleas.

If you want to make your own spray, you can purchase either a bottle with safe flea spray in it or a sprayer that is specifically designed for use on dogs. Simply follow the directions for use in the packaging. On the other hand, if you have an indoor pet, you will want to find a flea spray for yard that can be used in a sprayer to rid the entire household of fleas. You can find these types of sprays at pet stores, online and at pet supply stores.

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West Linn Pest Control and Extermination has been striving for years to provide excellent service to the West Linn Community. We are proud to offer greener solutions for your extermination and pest control needs. We can help you decide which preventative measures are most beneficial to your needs as well. These types of services can end up saving you thousands in the long run! Whether you are experiencing an insect infestation now, or interested in preventative measures you will find a friendly staff member to answer your questions at West Linn Pest Control and Extermination. Call us today!

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Everyone,  everywhere seems to be looking for ways to save. That’s why we find it important to offer our customers the same reliable service they expect at affordable prices. We take pride in the fact that we effectively eliminate your pest control concerns at prices you can afford.