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Pest Control and Extermination Services

We specialize in offering excellent pest control and preventative measure for your home and business. Every job is dealt with by a professional member of our staff who is trained and skilled in the Pest Control Industry. We work hard to keep you bug free. Call today!

Residential Pest Control:

Your families safety is our top priority here at West Linn Pest Control and Extermination. We eliminate any threat to your health and help you keep the value of your home by preventing infestations.  Having your home treated regularly against pests can actually save you money in the long run! Mice, ticks, fleas, spiders, ants, termites, and all other types of pests found in the North West can wreck havoc on your home.  We can keep you bug free. For your FREE home inspection, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control:

You can’t afford to have a pest control problem disrupting your work environment. We will simply, quickly, and affordably eliminate any concerns you have to keep your commercial property pest free.  Our efficient staff can offer various preventative measures you can also take to make sure your business is not disrupted by unwanted pests. Call us today. We offer FREE pest inspections.

Pest Extermination:

If you are currently being overtaken by nasty pests, you have come to the right place. We are professionally trained to handle all types of infestations. We can pinpoint the problem and eliminate possible problems from reoccurring. We stay on top of all the last greener methods to keep you and your family safe. Call us now.

Rodent Removal:

If a rodent or small mammal has found a home in your property this can be a devastating problem to the value of your home. These animals can cause serious damage or carry diseases. Call the professionals at West Linn Pest Control and Extermination. We have solved hundreds of these situations and can handle this problem by trapping and relocating the animals for you. Don’t attempt to do this yourself. Call us now!

Green Pest Control Solutions:

We are always looking for greener ways to solve pest control issues. We have several options for you that don’t require harsh chemicals typically used in insecticides. Our pesticides are derived from plant oils, making them safe for fish, animals, birds, humans, and even most plant life. These safer, Eco-friendly options can be something you feel good about. Call us today to learn more.